Inside Bar Candlestick- Best Strategy( 2023).


In the field of technical analysis, candlestick patterns hold immense significance. One such pattern is the Inside Bar Candlestick pattern , which provides valuable insights into market dynamics and potential trading opportunities. In this article, we will explore the concept of inside bar candles, their characteristics, and various trading strategies associated with them.

What is an Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern

An inside bar candlestick refers to a candlestick pattern that forms when the high and low of a candle are contained within the high and low of the preceding candle. Essentially, the inside bar candle represents a period of consolidation or indecision in the market, indicating a potential breakout or reversal in the future. Lets see it on a candlestick price chart.

Inside Bar Candlestick

Features of Inside Bar Candlestick

To identify an inside bar candle, we need to consider its key characteristics:

  • The high and low of the Baby Bar must be within the high and low of the Mother Bar. This forms the inside bar candle pattern.
  • The inside bar candle ( Baby Bar) is often smaller in size compared to the preceding candle ( Mother Bar).
  • The inside bar candle indicates a pause in the prevailing trend.
  • Inside Bar candlestick gives good results on hourly or higher timeframe.

How To Spot Inside Bar Candlestick

Lets see some example of Inside Bar Candle on a price chart.

How To Trade Inside Bar Candle

Inside Bar Candlestick pattern is the best when traded in a trending market. It is a trend continuous pattern. Inside Bar Candlestick pattern formed on a price chart when prices are getting consolidated on an uptrend or a downtrend.

A buy entry should be taken when prices cut above the mother bar . Place a buy order just above the high of the mother bar.

Stoploss can be placed just below the low of the mother bar. Some traders place their SL below the Inside bar ( Baby Bar) low based on their experience. Considering high volatility , if the mother bar is extream larger , then SL to be placed below the low of the baby bar.

Target should be placed at the distance similar to the height of the mother bar. Risk management mechanism to be applied while trading this setup.

Trading Strategy – Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern

1.Inside bar candle pattern is a trend following price-action pattern. We have to identify IB patterns in a trending market .

2.This pattern can also be traded as a reversal pattern also , it needs some experience to trade it. Beginners should trade inside bar as a trend following pattern only. The formation of this priceaction pattern at a major price structure level is significant while traded as a reversal pattern.

3.Inside Bar Candlestick pattern gives best results on higher timeframes like 4h or daily . On lower timeframe we can see multiple inside bars which creates noises and resulted in failures of the pattern.

4.There may be more than one inside bars within the mother bar range. Sometimes we can see 3-4 or more inside bars , indicating a wider consolidation range. Same should be traded as per this setup when gives a breakout or breakdown.

5.Failed inside bar patterns is also a separate strategy to trade as a reversal strategy. That can be discuss separately.


Beginners should start with spotting Inside Bar Candlestick patterns on a Daily timeframe. Identify any trending market and spot IB pattern. Take trade as per the discussion above and see the results. Apply sound risk management mechanism while taking trading decisions.


1. What is an inside bar candlestick pattern? An inside bar candlestick pattern is a technical analysis pattern in which the high and low range of a candle is within the range of the previous candle. It signifies a potential consolidation or indecision in the market.

2. How do I identify an inside bar pattern? To identify an inside bar pattern, look for a candle whose entire price range, including both the high and low, falls within the high and low range of the previous candle. The second candle is referred to as the “inside bar.”

3. What does an inside bar pattern indicate? An inside bar pattern suggests a temporary pause or indecision in the price movement. It can signal a potential reversal, continuation, or breakout depending on the context of the market trend.

4. Are inside bar patterns reliable indicators? Inside bar patterns can be reliable indicators, especially when they appear in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and within significant market trends. Traders often use them as potential signals for entry or exit points.

5. How can I use inside bar patterns in my trading strategy? Incorporate inside bar patterns into your trading strategy by identifying them on your price charts and then looking for confirmation from other technical indicators or trend lines. You can use them to set stop-loss orders, entry points, and even to anticipate potential breakouts.

6. Can inside bar patterns be used for all types of trading markets? Yes, inside bar patterns can be used in various trading markets, including stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. However, their effectiveness may vary based on market conditions, so it’s important to consider the broader context.

7. What is the significance of the size of the inside bar? The size of the inside bar relative to the previous bar can provide additional insights. A smaller inside bar may indicate stronger consolidation, while a larger one might suggest a more significant potential move in the near future.

8. How do I differentiate between a genuine inside bar and a fake one? A genuine inside bar pattern is characterized by a clear high-low range within the preceding candle’s range. A fake inside bar might have a false breakout, where the subsequent candle breaches the high or low of the inside bar but then reverses, showing the false nature of the breakout.

9. Can inside bar patterns be used in isolation? While it’s possible to use inside bar patterns as standalone signals, it’s generally recommended to combine them with other technical indicators or chart patterns to increase their reliability.

10. How do inside bar patterns relate to price volatility? Inside bar patterns often emerge during periods of decreased price volatility when the market is taking a breather. They can signal an impending increase in volatility, leading to a potential breakout or trend continuation.

11. Are there variations of the inside bar pattern? Yes, there are variations like the “double inside bar” (two consecutive inside bars), which can indicate even stronger consolidation, and the “inside bar followed by breakout” pattern, which suggests a potential significant price move.

12. How can I backtest the effectiveness of inside bar patterns? To backtest inside bar patterns, review historical price charts and mark instances of inside bars. Analyze how they performed in relation to subsequent price movements and combine this analysis with other technical tools to assess their effectiveness.

Remember that while inside bar patterns can provide valuable insights into potential price movements, no trading strategy is foolproof. Always practice risk management and consider multiple factors before making trading decisions.

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